Brack Bank Travel Card

Brack Bank Travel Card

To facilitate your international financial needs, BRAC Bank offers a pre-paid card service named BRAC Bank Travel Prepaid Card. This is a VISA card with USD currency only. This card is accepted all over the world whether you are on world tour or busy shopping through international sites. Most interesting fact is you can enjoy this service without having a bank account.

Travel Card PROs:

  • Completely interest free
  • Limit up to USD 5000 for SAARC and USD 7000 for non SAARC countries, as per Personal Travel Quota (Quota may change as per Government regulation)
  • Valid all over the world (except Bangladesh)
  • Accessible in all VISA accepted ATMs & Shops globally
  • Bank account not required
  • A nominal issuance fee of BDT 500+15% VAT
  • Scope to refund of unused balance in BDT
  • No endorsement fee or penalty
  • Dollar purchasing rate is lower than other banks.

Travel Card CONs:

  • No dual currency, only USD option.
  • No app for managing the card.
  • For basic queries, you have to call their helpline time & again. This sometimes can be a bit irritating when one has to wait in the line to get support. Also, it is costly in the sense that one has to bear the high call charge in BD.
  • Recently BRAC Bank has restricted some merchants to make payments. You can see the list in this link:
  • Though BRAC Bank is friendly to sort your issues, their payment gateway often gets barred due to their technical glitch. This happened with me many a times, then I had to call the support & they refreshed it.

Fees n Charges: Click here

**In my opinion, BRAC Bank is a reputed & trustworthy bank in Bangladesh & they have hold up their friendly support always (from my experience). I have used this card more than EBL’s card, one of the reason is of course their low dollar purchasing rate. Still their frequent gateway glitch & no easier method to check your balance/transactions is a BIG bummer. Eagerly waiting when they add new features to this card to get past with these issues. I will update this article if any new feature is added in the future.


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