EBL LifeStyle Visa Card

EBL LifeStyle Visa Card

Easter Bank Ltd present two types of pre-paid card i.e. EBL Lifestyle Visa Card & EBL Aqua Master Card. Both these cards have dual currency option and you can use it anywhere at home n abroad. Both these cards work the same, they just belong to 2 major brands. The most attractive fact about these cards are that these come to you with a bunch of delicacies as listed below which in the past you may not have thought of.

  • Banking without bank account
  • Dual Currency EMV Prepaid Card
  • 24/7 cash withdrawal facility worldwide at large VISA ATM network.
  • Free cash withdrawal from any EBL atm.
  • Any kind of international/e-commerce transaction. (excluded gambling sites)

EBL provides a convenient platform to manage all your cards at the tip of your finger though their ‘Sky Banking App’. You can download it from here: Android & IOS

EBL Sky Banking app features are as follows:

  • Balance query
  • Statement (Although recent transactions appear in the statement a bit later)
  • Request Conversion
  • Foreign part enable/disable
  • Limit conversion USD-BDT/BDT-USD
  • Instant Card Block

**In my view, this app is way more convenient than calling customer care ‘over n over’ for any simple need in other bank’s case.

EBL also is the 1st to launch AI based chatbot in Bangladesh named ‘EBL DIA’. This is really impressive that this bank is using all the modern technology to serve their customers.


'EBL DIA' (EBL Digital Interactive Agent) is country's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based banking Chatbot, where anyone can interact with EBL through chatting with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Chat Robot on social media platform. It is as simple as chatting with a person but in this context user will be responded by interactive software. The banking Chatbot, first of its kind in Bangladesh, will help the users to get information regarding accounts, credit card and prepaid cards along with general service information as well as perform mobile recharge through Facebook Messenger and Viber platform.

Connect on Facebook Messenger: m.me/ebldia 
Connect on Viber: bit.ly/eblviber

**Personally, I have been using the lifestyle visa card & it has made my international payments making so easy. Though one issue lies with EBL’s high purchasing rate of dollar comparing with others (at the time of writing EBL charge 85.25tk per USD while others charge around 84.75 in average), I loved using this card for they provide a swift refund service while other banks takes much time to process refunds.

##The procedure of getting these cards is very easy.

  • Just go to any branch of EBL with two of your recent Passport-size photo and copy of your NID/Passport
  • Then fill up the required form for Lifestyle or Aqua card and
  • Finally pay TK575(VAT included) in the counter with the form

Recently EBL started an online application service for these card, you can also try that here: https://www.ebl.com.bd/onlineapply

N.B.- [ To avail the international currency option, you must submit a copy of your passport.]

Fees n Charges:

Ebl fees

Download PDF Here